small beauties: finally some snow

20211231 160513

[A copper wire pendant lays on top of a heavily weathered wooden fence post. The post is lightly dusted with snow. ]

Taking jewelry pics in the middle of an actual snowstorm is, at the very least, pretty festive. Nice photo backdrops! Chilly feet! Beautiful scenery! Jewelry covered in snow!

… made for some interesting outtakes, at least.


[ The same pendant from a slightly different angle. It’s got some snow on it now, not a lot, but enough to obscure the copper a bit. Many of the individual flakes are visible. ]

You do get some seriously awesome pics when it’s snowing, though.

[ Green-grey flaky lichens peek through a light coating of snow, all on a grey rock sitting on more snow. ]

By the next day there was a BUNCH of snow — my convenient fencepost was no longer useful for jewelry pics.


[ It’s got a nice rounded-off lump of snow on top, probably a good four inches tall. ]

& everything was just. GORGEOUS. I love how a few inches of snow makes everything beautiful.

[ Tall ponderosas, their needles covered in snow, rise from a similarly snow-covered hill. Their trunks are red-orange, and the green of their needles is just visible beneath the snow. Above all is blue sky. ]

Just. Gorgeous.

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