cats: halping edition, part the 436579023th

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is sitting in a plastic storage bin, looking up to the left. The lid of the bin is covering about half of it, and there is a stack of post office shipping boxes on top of the lid. ]

Loiosh was a VERY BIG HELP when we were packing orders from the early black Friday sale. & also, now you know how far behind I am on writing posts here.

See, there were a lot of orders. & we were pretty stressed about it. Good stress! But still stress! & one of Loiosh’s jobs is helping people with stress!

Which he usually does by getting in the way as much as possible.

Jasper had to remove him from the packing area several times.


[ Loiosh is gracefully draped over Jasper’s shoulder, neatly hiding Jasper’s face. Jasper’s got an arm around Loiosh, and Loiosh is looking right at the camera. ]

He was deposited in Morgyn’s room for a while so we could GET A SINGLE BUGGERING THING DONE WITHOUT A CAT UP OUR NOSES.


[ Loiosh is hunkered up on a patchwork wool blanket, staring away from the camera, towards Sigdis, who’s flopped out and totally asleep. The boy’s ears are cocked at annoyed angles. ]

But it’s never long before he’s back at it. If only cos he was annoying enough that Morgyn hadda let him out.


[ He’s standing with his forepaws on a packed box, stretching up towards the camera, staring at it intensely. ]

Mom. MOM. MOM. It’s gonna be okay, Mom.

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