cats: halping edition

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[ A close view of Loiosh’s face — he’s an orange tabby, with white whiskers, and a couple of black freckles on his pink nose. ]

… but how could such a sweet, adorable boy possibly be such a trouble, you ask?

Like this, y’all. Like this.


[ There’s a piece of copper wire jewelry sitting on a small jewelry anvil, set out as if for a photograph. There’s also an orange cat paw RIGHT next to the anvil. ]

Also like this.


[ Loiosh has his face shoved into a small green cup — actually the lid of a water bottle, but it works for him. ]

I had a perfectly good bowl for him to drink water out of, but nooooooooo, he wants Momma Water.

Also, like this.


[ Another attempted product photo, this time with his paw behind the jewelry anvil instead of next to it. ]

& lastly? Like this.


[ He’s standing on my little workbench, staring off to the right. It’s not quite a dramatical pose, but he’s definitely interested in something over there. ]

Mostly? He halps by being adorable, so I can’t get any work done.

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