cats: look he just really likes cat grass edition

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[ A small white container of cat grass stands on a table; Loiosh, an orange tabby, is sniffing the grass, part of his muzzle hidden by it. ]

He just. Really likes it.

Really a LOT.

[ The top of his head is towards the camera, because he’s shoved most of his muzzle into the grass, which is now sticking out in all directions. ]

This is how he got given a thing of cat grass the last time I took him to a Petco. He was so damn enthusiastic he had everyone at the counter cracking up. I wish I’d brought my camera in, but, welp.

This time, though? CAMERA.

[ The grass is pretty flattened out now, so the way he’s scrunching up his face to take a HUGE BITE of cat grass is perfectly visible. Also his ears are sticking out to the side, to get them out of the way, I GUESS. ]

… what?

[ The poor grass is looking pretty bedraggled. Loiosh is sitting up, looking off to the right and away from the grass, with a pretty unconvincing innocent look. ]

The cat grass is currently sitting on the side of the kitchen sink, recovering.

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