small beauties: frost flowers edition

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[ A pane of glass, covered in tiny, lacy frost flowers. Behind, blurry but visible, are treetops, with the sky above. ]

I hadda get up FAR too early to pick Jasper up from the train station, but hey, at least there was pretty frost on the windshield.

I was even awake enough to get pictures of it, which isn’t something one should assume is gonna be the case that time of morning, on account of mornings SUCK.

I like how the trees are juuuust visible through the frost flowers.

[ The blurry trees take up the lower left corner of the shot; above them, the sky, barely visible behind the tracings of frost, shades from white up to blue. ]

The line where the frost starts to melt makes for an interesting transition.


[ Frost flowers at the top of the photo melt along a diagonal line running from lower left to upper right. The frost becomes thinner and lighter as it melts, then slowly loses definition, broadening out into a thin coating of water. ]

I used the ‘white balance’ tool on each of these shots while I was editing them; sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn’t, & it did fine on most of these, but really changed one shot. I almost undid it, but decided to keep it that way; while not accurate to what I actually saw, it LOOKS really cool & makes the frost flowers stand out far more clearly than they actually did.

[ The editing tool has left the frost flowers a mix of sharp white and a dark grey, stark against a background fading from deep blue at the top to pale blue at the bottom of the shot. ]

& then I hadda wait in the freezing-cold car until the windshield thawed enough I could SEE TO DRIVE, but, well, that’s another story.

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