process: shiny happy faery home decor

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[ Closeup of weathered copper tubing, bent into a V shape, with copper wire bent into a similar shape and fastened on with really thin copper wire. ]

… more a ‘here is a thing I made’ than a process post as such, I’ve really gotten out of the habit of taking pics as I go, but, well.

I’ve mentioned here before that there’s a tier of my Patreon where you can get a faery home decor piece every three months — this is one of those, for a couple friends of mine who’ve been through A LOT in the last couple months. It’s left them in a generally better situation but it’s also been really REALLY stressful.

I’d asked them, a couple months back, for a prompt, & they were gonna think about it, but I was moving & they were having Life explosions & a couple weeks ago when I finally had time to think about this sort of thing again I said ‘bugger it, I’m gonna make them something shiny & happy’. So I did.


[ A spiral of beaten copper wire, surrounded by glittery coppery beads, brass spirals, and a medallion stamped with the Sun. ]

So I picked glittery things & shiny things & sparkly things & put them all together.


[ A row of brass spirals hangs from a curve of beaten copper wire, with a bigger copper spiral visible below. ]

This piece was a LOT of fun to build.


[ A copper spiral, with a length of subtly glittery beads fastened to it. ]

& I’m really happy with how it came out.


[ The finished piece, framed in copper tubing. It resembles a face, eyes closed, gently smiling. ]

… the face was an accident, but it’s one that happens sometimes.

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