cats: tiny calico edition

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[ A small longhaired calico cat, mostly orange and black with just a white splotch covering most of her muzzle, is hunkered up in a low cardboard box much too big for her. ]

Who’s this tiny girl?

This is Marisol! She’s one of my roommate Morgyn’s two cats, & I’ve been remiss in taking so long to introduce her to y’all.

She’s even tinier than she looks — there’s not a lotta cat under all that fur — but size doesn’t matter with cats; she holds her own with all of them, even Tom. In fact Tom’s her favourite playmate; you should hear the two of them galumphing around the house …

Like many cats, she’s all about boxes. But unlike many cats, she also enjoys disassembling them. With her teeth.


[ The camera’s closer to the box, now, and Marisol is looking away, ears just slightly flattened. There’s a light scattering of tiny pieces of cardboard on the floor next to the box. ]

She’s still a lil wary of me, so she decided to leave before I got more pictures, but I got one of her artwork so far … though, well, photobombing is a thing that happens.


[ The box, seen from the short side, pretty close up. It’s a bright blue cardbord box. Tiny bites have been taken out of the edge of the box, & the pieces are scattered on the floor next to it. Also on the floor is one of Loiosh’s forepaws; his leg takes up the entire left side of the shot. ]

… cats.

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