woods day: little boys & big rocks edition

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[ A rough circle of pale granite boulders surrounds a firepit. The area inside is probably twenty feet across, and the tallest rock looks to be maybe ten feet high. ]

It’s been TOO TOO LONG since I had the time to shove both boys in the car & have a PROPER Woods Day, but last weekend I managed it. & I found an excellent spot for the day, complete with a bunch of big rocks to climb.


So, of course, I climbed them.


[ The same scene, but in reverse — seen from the other side, up on top of one of the rocks. Tall Ponderosa pines rise beyond the circle of boulders. ]

I took the standard Picture That Will Scare My Mom shot … (I was only about ten feet up, chill.)


[ A view from up high — down below is the shadow of the boulder, with the shadow of a tiny human figure standing atop it. ]

But where were the boys?

Pretending cats can’t climb, APPARENTLY.


[ Looking down from another rock — Major Tom, a big grey tabby, walks below, tail caught mid-lash. ]

Loiosh at least found some grass to chew on.


[ Another view from up high, this time with trees in the background. Loiosh, an orange tabby, is barely visible below, head down. ]

… pretty sure that’s what he was doing down there, anyways.

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