cats: meanwhile, back at the ranch edition


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, seen from above: he’s sitting on a cutting mat and several scraps of black leather, and he’s wearing his purple harness. ]

I’d wanted the road trip to be a me-and-Loiosh thing, like in the old days — since Jasper hadn’t come along for the trip, either — & it’s always easier wrangling one cat than two, so Tom got to stay home. I’m not sure who was happier for the company, him or Jasper.

Tom mostly did okay, but he did ask for his harness the day I left. Says Jasper: ‘he asked very politely by standing on my foot until I offered‘.

Having been reassured that he is still loved, he eventually asked to have his harness removed, then found himself a lovely place for a nap:

‘apparently Willow is the perfect pillow to keep him from snoring
so uh
we need another raven stuffie imported from Germany


[ Tom’s flopped on a pile of blue and white fleece blanket, with a black raven stuffie laying in front of him. He’s not quite looking at the camera; mostly he looks half-asleep. ]

‘he finally fell asleep and he’s not snoring at all
so I’ve officially lost my blanket I guess’



[ He’s got his head nestled on the stuffie, and his eyes are closed. He really does look comfortable. ]

Jasper did manage to get a bunch done over those couple days, even with Tom’s repeated interference.

‘bodhran bag progress, with a bonus halpful Tom!’


[ Tom’s sitting on a stack of leather, in black and red and purple — he’s looking up almost at the camera, with a determined expression. ]

‘(I had to lock him out for a while earlier because omg Tom there are sharp things in here)’

so pretty much Jasper has joined the chorus of voices asking how is this my LIFE.

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