small beauties: mostly orange edition

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[ The last few petals of a pink rose cling to the bush, shining in the sun. ]

Starting with the one thing from that Mall Wart parking lot that wasn’t orange, the very last of the year’s roses.

But it’s firmly autumn, & the leaves are turning.

[ A view up into a tree — I don’t know what kind, but the leaves are shaped like the head of a spear, and range in color from bright yellow to a deep brick red. ]

Just so damn pretty.


[ The edge of the tree’s canopy, with the blue sky behind it — the leaves along the edge are all the deep brisk red ones; further into the tree they shade towards paler orange, then yellow. ]

& there’s one orange thing I couldn’t leave out!


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands in the small parking lot divider in front of the van; he’s looking off to the right, very intent on something, though I never figured out what. ]

& then I hadda drive a lot more, urrrrgh.

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