cats: afternoon nap edition

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[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is curled up asleep in his stroller, head on his paws. ]

Of course they napped most of the afternoon both days at Crown; they’re cats.

Tom was so out he let me hold paws for a while. He isn’t always in the mood for that, but he’s getting more patient with it.


[ A close view of my hand, palm mostly up; one of Tom’s forepaws is tucked between my thumb and fingers. ]

Loiosh kept wanting to get into the stroller with Tom, & eventually I figured I’d let him give it a try. Tom wasn’t awake enough to really object.


[ Tom’s in the back of the stroller, laying partly on top of Loiosh, who’s flopped right along the front, with his head on his forepaws. ]

He made ears about it, but that was about it.


[ Loiosh is in the same spot, but Tom’s turned his head towards the camera, and his ears are sticking out at extremely expressive angles. ]

I wish I could nap all afternoon at events, too. But SOMEONE’S got to run the booth, & Loiosh still hasn’t learned how to make change.

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