cats: new perch edition

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[ A closeup of Loiosh’s face — he’s an orange tabby wearing a green harness. His eyes are a pale green, most of his whiskers are white, and he’s got a couple black spots on his pink nose. ]

Loiosh found a new perch at Crown. Slightly to my surprise, cos I’ve been using this setup for a while. Nice spot, though.

But what’s that he’s standing on, you ask?

More standing IN, as it happens.


[ Loiosh has stuffed himself into the wooden box I use as my point-of-sale in the booth. It’s a bit over two feet long and maybe nine inches wide, but it’s sitting on its side, so only his butt end really fits. He’s looking at the camera with an extremely goofy expression. ]

He didn’t stay in there for TOO long, which is good, cos I kinda need that to sell things to people, but he hung out for a bit before extracting himself.


[ Loiosh is in the same spot, but his eyes are mostly closed. Both forepaws and one hindpaw are on the very edge of the box. ]

Bit precarious for a nap, but the boy lives in hope.

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