travellogue: first snow edition

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[ Two tall Ponderosa pines stand below white skies. Each is dusted with light snow, and snowflakes are visible falling past them. ]

The problem with moving is the amount of STUFF involved, & in this case, by STUFF I mean ‘my prescriptions’ & ‘the place that has the warranty for the van’s transmission’ & also ‘that PO box I opened in Prewitt’. So last week I hadda head south for a couple days to fetch back my Stuff.

Of course, this happened to happen right when the first snow of the year was also happening.

… not at the house, though; at least not QUITE then. I took this picture once I got up the hill to 285, thence to head south.

It didn’t snow the whole way down, of course; plenty of my drive was at lower altitudes, and there was even some sunshine.


[ A line of mountains divides this photo in half; they rise tall, craggy, and snow-covered, mostly in shade, though there are a few spots bright with sun. The foreground is flat prairie covered in brown grass; the sky above has grey and white clouds with a few blue spots peeking through.

I never get tired of seeing the mountains wearing their coat of snow.

I’d planned to go around Wolf Creek pass, rather than over it, this time — I make dubious decisions from time to time, but I TRY not to — but, err, it’s further east than I thought, wups? & by the time I realized that it was too late to turn around.

… okay, no, it totally wasn’t, but I’m stubborn.

Got this excellent pic out of it though.


[ The road winds away through tall, snow-covered conifers; the sky above is pale blue with a few wispy clouds. Just about in the center of the photo, right where the road disappears into the trees, stand two tall aspens, leaves still bright yellow. ]

… & then I paid for it, because GUESS WHAT, there was a blizzard further up the pass.


[ In the foreground, the van’s dashboard; in the background, white sky and show-covered conifers. Between them, the road, which is pretty much two tire tracks through the snow. ]


Ain’t the first time I’ve done Wolf Creek Pass in a blizzard; likely won’t be the last.

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