cats: no bowls edition

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[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple harness, is sitting on a table in a merchant booth. There’s a mug right in front of him, but he’s looking off to the side, and his ears are sticking out to the sides. ]

I gave up on bringing cat water bowls along to events years ago, because Loiosh always just drank out of my water mug. This weekend at Outlands Crown, Tom discovered that this works just fine for him, too.

… after a bit of time to figure things out.

To be fair, his head IS massive, and the top of the mug is … not.

He explained this to me, after trying to wedge his head in far enough to get to the water.


[ Tom’s looking the other way, and his mouth is open mid-meow. ]

Eventually I got the clue & filled the water more-or-less to the top.


[ Tom’s got his face shoved into the mug. ]

He’s the best-hydrated cat I know.

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