cats: security blanket edition

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[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple harness, is sitting in a wooden box. His back is to the camera and his ears are stuck out to the sides. ]

Major Tom is a big, strong, independent tomcat, who disdains the need for effete things like petting, cuddles, & security blankets.

… except that I’m totally lying. One day last week, he stood at the door & yowled until Jasper stuck a harness on him, then, apparently pleased with that & not needing an actual walk, wandered off & curled up to nap.

I found him a while later, curled up in a box, quite happy. I guess he just wanted to wear his harness for a while?

But then I noticed what he’d been sleeping in — that’s my garb box. He’s making sure he gets to come to the next event with us.


[ He’s sitting up a bit more, and the camera angle has changed to look down into the box — white fabric is visible under him. His ears are perked a bit more forward now. ]

Who’d’ve thunk the neighborhood feral tom would wind up not only WILLING to go to events …

… but so anxious that he might NOT be coming along that he wants to wear his harness like it’s a security blanket?


[ He’s looking up at the camera, with an extremely unimpressed expression on his face. But his ears and whiskers are perked forwards. ]

Apparently I should NOT be telling his secrets in public.


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