cats: extremely high perch edition

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[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is sprawled on top of a nice thick hunk of couch padding that’s perched atop a tall set of shelves. One forepaw dangles over the edge, the other is tucked underneath him, and he’s gazing dramatically off into the distance. ]

Tom is usually a ‘down’ cat, but when he’s up, he’s REALLY up.

He’s found a grand spot to curl up in the new place. It’s only about eight feet off the ground.

Nicely padded, though.

There’s a lot he loves about living inside, but soft places to sleep are high on the list. So he’s really loving this spot.

[ His chin is resting on one of his forepaws now, like he’s thinking really hard. Possibly he is. ]

… then he got cranky about the flash.

[ His paw’s draped over the edge again, his head is tucked down, and he’s glaring at the camera. ]

… I mean, mood, tho.

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