cats: more fighter practice edition

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[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple harness, is flopped in a blue cat stroller, looking off to the left. His ears are at slightly skeptical angles, but his eyes and whiskers are relaxed. ]

The boys have been going to A LOT of fighter practices recently. Even Tom is getting used to it.

He fell asleep after a while, but then he woke up again & tried to climb into someone’s sword bag, so, uh, that’s a thing that happened.

Loiosh? Fell asleep to the dulcet tones of ringing swords.


[ Loiosh, a orange tabby, is laying atop the unfolded roof of the same stroller, head tucked to the side, eyes closed, one paw draped gently over the edge. ]

They don’t share the cat stroller very well — unless they’re not in the same part of it. & Loiosh is plenty small enough to be comfortable on the roof of the thing. Tom likes it when the roof’s closed overhead anyways, he’s always loved a good cave, so it works for both of them.

… that said? Yeah, a bigger cat stroller is DEFINITELY gonna be needed.

How is this my LIFE.

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