cats: flopping edition


[ There’s a cat bed stuffed into the bottom shelf on a wooden desk. Major Tom, a big grey tabby, has stuffed himself into it, and he looks inordinately pleased about this. ]

It’s mostly been too HOT for Woods Day, & anyway I need to make a BUNCH of soap, so we’ve been sticking close to home. Which is fine; the boys are getting a chance to get used to new roommates. Mostly Jasper, who also took all these pics.

Major Tom has found a new hiding spot, & he is VERY happy about this. It’s in his Uncle Jasper’s room, which he’s also pleased about; he likes his Uncle Jasper.


[ Major Tom has tucked his head between his paws, so that only the top of his head shows above the cat bed. His eyes are mostly closed. ]

Loiosh like his Uncle Jasper, too, & will happily head into his room to demand snuggles, but he’s always alert to his Momma; this apparently happened when he heard me shifting around in bed.


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is sitting on a blue blanket; he’s looking off to the side, eyes wide and ears perked forward. ]

Jasper managed to catch em snuggling, too.


[ Loiosh is curled up on my bed; Tom’s back is pressed against Loiosh’s. ]

But of course they don’t snuggle.


[ Loiosh’s eyes have opened, and his ears are tilted back; Tom is sitting up, looking over his shoulder, away from Loiosh. But they’re still touching. ]

… just ask them.

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