cats: extreme patience edition


[ Sigdis, a black cat with a white spot on her chest, is seen in close-up, gazing grandly off to the left. She is proudly wearing a bright yellow silicone ring, the kind you put around a house key, around her right ear. ]

This is Sigdis, one of new roommate Morgyn’s cats, & she thought she was the Most Elegant with her lovely earring. Bast wears earrings, too, right?

We didn’t tell her how earrings ACTUALLY work. I don’t think she’d’ve liked that.

We also didn’t laugh at her. At least not while in the same room. But me & Jasper miiiight’ve had to run out into the main room to laugh a couple times.

She did, eventually, figure out we were laughing at her, but it took her a while.


[ Sigdis is facing the camera now, looking cranky. She’s laying on a white upholstered chair, and there’s a variety of cat toys scattered around her. She’s still wearing her earring, though. ]

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