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cats: st0ner edition

okay STRICTLY SPEAKING spider plants are a mild hallucinogen for cats, so it’s not QUITE the same as being st0ned, but close enough

Loiosh really loves being st0ned. It’s totally worth the really precarious perch.


[ A really terrible photo of Loiosh, an orange tabby, perched on the edges of a wooden box on a shelf and nomming on a baby spider plant hanging from the big spider plant above. ]

Yeah, they’re terrible pictures, but the boy is funny enough it’s worth it.

He’s also started asking Jasper to pick him up & hold him so he can nom, which is HILARIOUS, but no pics of that yet.

Gotta pick the right leaf.


[ He’s got his nose pressed RIGHT up against one of the baby spider plants, and his ears are tucked back. He looks contemplative. ]

Om nom.


[ Loiosh is caught mid-cronch, from the side; there’s half a spider plant leaf sticking out of the side of his mouth. ]

& check out that tongue action!


[ He’s sticking out his tongue to lick another spider plant leaf into his mouth. ]

I’m just glad he’s enjoying himself.