cats: kicker toy edition

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is flopped on the floor. One forelaw is tucked up next to his face; the other is wrapped around a kicker toy with a big pink feather on the end. ]

Loiosh looooooves his kicker toy.

Sometimes licking his kicker toy leads to licking the thing next to the kicker toy …


[ The kicker toy is still tucked between his forelegs but he’s washing the leg next to it now. His tongue is sticking out and he looks very young. ]

… which leads to an entire grooming session …


[ He’s washing his face. I love watching him wash his face. ]

… but he always comes back to the kicker toy.


[ The kicker toy is still tucked in between his forepaws, and he’s licking it lovingly. ]

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