cats: too hot edition

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is curled up on a cat bed covered in purple batik fabric. He’s looking off to the left, and his eyes are very green. ]

It’s been too hot to go outside much, but it’s not like I have a shortage of things that need to get done inside. The boys have been getting extra naps, resting up for next week’s trip back up to Colorado, I guess.

Loiosh looks so innocent here, but right after I took the picture he got up & bit Tom on the butt, so.

I found him stretched out on the bed I keep on my desk yesterday. Doesn’t he look comfortable?


[ Loiosh is sprawled in a padded wicker cat basket, one hindleg stretched way out so it’s blocking part of my monitor. ]

He didn’t wake up at ALL, even though I took like ten pictures.


[ Same spot, different angle: Loiosh’s hindpaw dominates the photo, pink beans with pale tan fur sticking out between; in the background the rest of him is blurry but extremely asleep. ]

Tom has an extensive belly.


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is laying most of the way on his back on the bed, tail curled up between his hindpaws, his large, fluffy, pale tan belly exposed. His head is pillowed on a pink crocheted blanket. ]

He was snoring. One of these years I’ll manage to get video of that.


[ A close view of Tom’s handsome face. His chin is white, shading to darker grey on his cheeks and forehead, with deep grey markings. His nose is pink, and his whiskers are black at the base and white at the tip. ]

Loiosh is sometimes VERY possessive of his catnip toys.


[ Loiosh is laying on a carpeted floor, both paws resting protectively on a round purple and blue fleece cat toy edged with wide-cut fringe. His pupils are very wide. ]

Loiosh says ‘my brother’.


[ One of Loiosh forepaws rests against Tom’s side, the orange fur bright against stripey grey. ]

They don’t snuggle, though, just ask them.

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