process: green & purple

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[ An aluminum foil cupcake tray holds a selection of beads, most of them either purple or green, and a driftwood stick. ]

Way back in fifth grade, I got into a HUGE argument with another kid about wearing green & purple clothing together. She insisted that they clashed & should not EVER be worn at the same time. I thought I looked JUST FINE, THANK YOU. We agreed that the final arbiter should be that true icon of fashion, our teacher.

Poor dude was probably in his 50s (at least that’s how I’m translating my view of him at the time, which was ‘old’). He wore plaid shirts & tan slacks. He knew he was OUT OF HIS DEPTH.

I don’t know if he was actually colour-blind or just claimed he was, but either way, well done, sir. He disclaimed any ability to judge in this circumstance & left it to us to decide our clothing preferences.


Anyway I got outside for Woods Day this week & alllllmost finished a Faery Home Decor piece, except that I ran out of 12g wire, but all I gotta do yet is the hook for the top, so that’s easy.

I messed with a more complex shape for the wire — I’ve been doing that more often lately, doing more than just a simple drape.


[ A length of thick copper wire, curved into a rough u-shape; the right side bends, again, towards the center and then back out. ]

… which gives me more scope for more complicated adornment.


[ Thin silvery-grey wire has been wrapped all round the thick wire, holding small purple beads in place at intervals. Three dangly pieces, each with a green stone chip bead, hang from the bottom of the u-shape; some of the thin wire crosses above them, from one side of the u to the other, holding three more green beads interspersed with small purple and silver ones. ]

& that’s when I got focused enough I forgot to take more pictures, so, well, here we are.


[ The bit I described above now hangs from the piece of driftwood. A spiral made from the same thick wire is suspended between the top ends of the u-shape. The driftwood itself hangs from another piece of thick copper wire, this one bent into a smooth inverted U. ]

Just gotta make the hook for the top & it’ll be done! I think I’ll call it YEAH THEY DO TOO NEITHER GO TOGETHER SO THERE.

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