cats: through the looking glass edition

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[ A small tree, trunk maybe three inches in diameter, arches across the path; Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands just on this side, both forepaws on a fallen log. ]

Okay it’s more a ‘slightly mysterious tree arch’ than a looking glass but that sounded better.

I asked Loiosh if we should go through …

& he said YES WE SHOULD.


[ His hindpaws are on the fallen trunk now, & the rest of him has walked right through that arch. ]

Tom wasn’t so sure …


[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple harnessand an EXTREMELY dubious expression, is looking just to the right of the camera, both ears back. ]

… & wound up going around, so it’s a good thing the arch didn’t take us to Narnia or Terramagne or anything.

I don’t know why Loiosh is making that face in this picture but it’s kiiiind of hilarious, isn’t it?


[ Loiosh is sitting in a patch of tiny oak trees. Both ears are flat back and he’s pointedly not looking at the camera. ]

We managed all of ONE dramatical pose all day, & it wasn’t a GOOD one, either.


[ Loiosh is standing on a couple of fallen logs, looking back at the camera over his left shoulder. One ear is pointed forward, but the other is at a more dubious angle. ]

I tried to talk him into climbing this nice leaning tree but he was having NONE of that. I guess this is a decent Dramatical Pose though.


[ Loiosh is standing head-down on a leaning tree trunk, forepaws braced on a convenient knot, hindpaws on the trunk above his head. He’s looking off to the right, ears and whiskers alert. ]



[ A close view of Loiosh’s forepaws, where they’re resting on that knot. All his claws are slightly extended. There’s a small patch of leafy grey-green lichen on the bark above his toes. ]

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