process: seashells & cheap beads edition

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[ Three metal charms, one shaped like a scallop shell & the other two shaped like conch shells, sit on a piece of black terrycloth, along with two pale green beads & two pale grey beads. Next to them sits a purple plastic box with a bunch of egregiously fake turquoise beads. ]

Woods Day started as always, with an array of beads & no idea what I’m doing with em. I’m still working with the bag of random jewelry stuff I bought a couple weeks ago; using just that stuff & not bringing any of the REST of my beads is really making me think.

The seashell beads were BEGGING to be a central dangly thinger in a pendant, so that was an easy place to start.


[ One of the conch beads sits in the center of a vaguely u-shaped length of thick copper wire. The ends of the wire have been curved into small loops, and a green bead rests just below each loop. ]

Hammering commenced, as it does, & the two green beads got the dangly treatment.


[ The wire’s been hammered flat and textured; each green bead has been strung onto thin copper wire, along with three tiny blue seed beads & a slightly larger white bead. ]

Tried the same treatment with the seashell, but that made it too long to fit.


[ The conch shell has been strung onto thin copper wire, along with the same assortment of smaller beads as each green bead. It’s still sitting in the center  of the u-shaped thick wire, but it hangs down far enough it’s running into the loops. ]

That’s okay. I’ve got another seashell bead.


[ The other conch shell now dangles from the top center of the thick copper wire. Thinner wire has been wrapped around the thick wire, holding tiny blue beads to it, and the two danglies with the green beads are hanging from the bottom, one to each loop. ]

The other conch shell? An earring, naturally. Along with the scallop. Not EVERYTHING has to be matchy-matchy.


[ The conch shell piece from before is now fastened to a copper earwire. The scallop shell has acquired similar accompanying beads, and is on another earwire. ]

There’ll be a dibs post in an hour or two, with the fruits of this Woods Day & the last. Watch this space!

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