cats: dramatical posing fail edition

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[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a purple and black harness, is squatting on a big stump, glaring at the camera. Tall trees rise in the background. ]

I got two, count em, two good Dramatical Posing shots on Woods Day. Everything else came out looking like this.


[ Tom’s on the stump, looking over the edge, tail caught mid-lash; he’s ready to jump down. ]

Or this. Loiosh didn’t even give me a CHANCE to get a pic.


[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, caught halfway through jumping down from the same stump. His hindpaws are still on the stump & he is stretched alllll the way down to the ground. ]

This is the only Dramatical Pose I got out of Loiosh.


[ Loiosh is standing on a fallen treetrunk, looking over his shoulder to the left. The sky is blue above him, and a few ponderosas rise to the left. But like half his butt is cut off because I didn’t have the camera in the right spot. ]

… then there was this.


[ The photo’s taken from the same spot, but Loiosh is headed out of frame to the right and only his back half is still showing, tail a-flirt. ]

Overexposed, & the EARS.


[ Tom’s sitting in front of a fallen log that’s black with char. One ear is pointing forwards and the other is pointing back, and between the sun and the black background his face is REALLY bright. ]

One last try to get Loiosh in ANYTHING like a dramatical pose but NOPE.


[ Loiosh is walking along a fallen, burnt log, towards the camera, caught midstep while climbing down to the ground. ]

… cats.

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