cat pictures, lazy week edition

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[  Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is meatloafed in the precise center of my  bed. The bottom sheet is under him, but the top sheet is balled up right  next to him. ]

Last week I was having a serious case of the Februaries, so I took  most of the week off. I did manage to change the sheets, which was VERY  nice, but it was harder than I feel it ought to have been.

I eventually lured him off the bed by heading for  the bathroom. He LOVES a captive audience. Of course I don’t close the  bathroom door, I’m not a MONSTER.

(No judgement of those of you  who DO close the bathroom door, it’s just that I’ve long since accepted  my place in the hierarchy here.)

He LOVES the blanket my Aunt Ann crocheted, though, so he was perfectly happy to reoccupy his place on the bed.


[  Tom’s laying on the bed again, this time on a pinky-purple crocheted  blanket. He’s looking off to the right, and one of his forepaws is  visible, tucked into the blanket. ]

… what?


[ Same spot, but now he’s turned his head to look at the camera. His ears are stuck out at a variety of angles. ]

In the meantime, Loiosh has had a number of LOVE EMERGENCIES. Mostly that looks like this.


[  An extreme closeup of Loiosh’s face. His nose, pink with a couple black  freckles, is in focus; the rest of his face is slightly blurry. ]

But eventually he laid down so I could get some sewing done.


[  Loiosh, an orange tabby, is meatloafed on a light grey fuzzy blanket  that has white cats on it. It’s hard to tell, but he’s on my lap &  I’m laying on the couch. ]

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