process: lapis III

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[ The usual cupcake tray full of beads & such sits on the wooden shelf, along with a bendy piece of driftwood & an arch-shaped bit of copper wire with blue & gold-coloured beads fastened to it. ]

I started this one at home & as usual didn’t manage to take pictures at my workbench, so this is where I was when I set up by the lake for the day.

A cool stick, ready to get framed out. I’m getting better at predicting how things are going to go together!

[ The stick is shaped very roughly like a stretched-out M; copper wire loops have been fastened to each end & to each of the points. ]


[ Four short lengths of copper wire with beads strung on them; each has a round lapis bead & am smaller tube-shaped gold-coloured bead. ]

& wound into place on a swoop of copper wire.

[ Thin copper wire is wrapped in spirals around a curved piece of thicker copper wire. It’s holding tiny blue glass beads to the thick wire in sets of three, with the dangly pieces set in between. ]

I tried something a bit different for the other swoop.

[ the other curved piece of thick copper wire also has thin copper spiralled around it, but it’s holding larger blue glass beads & more of the tubular gold-coloured beads next to the thick wire, not on top of it. ]

& then I realized I’d forgotten the medium-thickness copper wire I’d used for the crosspiece on the top bit, & had to improvise with two lengths of the thing wire. It worked, but it was definitely trickier than it would have been otherwise.

[ A doubled length of the thin copper has blue glass & gold-coloured beads strung on it, along with a single lapis bead. It’s fastened to one of the curved bits of thick copper wire at the bottom. ]

All ready to go together!

[ The arch-shaped bit from earlier sits above the stick; the two curved pieces are below it, with a spirally bit set below the right-hand curved piece. ]

& when it was done there was still sunlight, so I made some pendants to go with it!

[ A piece of thick copper wire, formed into an upside-down U shape with small spirals on each end; between the spirals is a length of thin copper wire with some blue glass beads & a single gold-coloured bead strung on it, & dangling in the center above that is a single lapis bead. ]

I got a LOT done & I feel really good about how it went, too. It’ll all be on the website soon!

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