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look it’s just been like this is all


here we are, it’s getting on towards black friday where I am but I know I’m not staying up til midnight, so I figured I’d start it a lil early, you can shop while you digest, or something like that.

So I set up the sale, after checking the note I made last year, because I’m kinda tired & otherwise I’d be staring at my website going ‘huh I’m sure it’s here somewhere’, which is amusing but not really useful.

So now everything at The Vagabond Tabby is 20% off, now until probably Tuesdayish, I’m not sure, depends on when I get up that morning, on account of ‘morning’ is a relative term, especially these days, yikes.

ANYWAY go buy stuff, I’m going to bed.
also here’s a cat picture

[ A half-grown Loiosh, curled up in a ball. He’s wearing wings made of thin sheets of blue foam, & a santa hat that was drawn on, poorly, in a cheap knockoff of photoshop. ]