nap season

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, is hunkered up on my desk, to the left of the keyboard. The picture is taken from the other side, so he’s mostly blocking my monitor. He’s looking at me sadly, because I dared to dislodge him slightly. ]

This is how I’ve been getting things done most of the week, or, rather, NOT getting things done, because IF YOU WILL NOTE there is a BOYCAT right where MY ELBOW GOES.

He regrets nothing.

It’s been chilly, & both boys are bored since we couldn’t do Woods Day this week, so they’ve both been napping a lot. I’m gonna have to come up with some winter-friendly Cat Entertaining Activities. In the meantime, I bothered Tom for a picture or two.

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby, is meatloafed on a red & gold blanket on my couch. He’s staring pointedly off to the left, away from me. ]

… he’s so patient.

[ A close view of Tom’s face — he’s looking at the camera with a very pointedly patient expression. His eyes are pale yellow-green & his nose is pink. ]

Loiosh really likes his precarious bed on my desk. I wonder if some of the warmth from the laptop makes its way up through the cat bed?

[ Loiosh is meatloafed in the cat bed, with his face stuffed down into one corner. His ears are slightly tilted out to the side & there’s a small spot of dark grey smutch behind his right ear. ]

… wait a minute, what’s that? Computer, enhance.

[ The picture is mostly orange fur, but right in the middle is a patch of orange fur that’s clearly gotten ash on it. How he got that spot & not the rest of him I do not know … ]

SOMEONE has been in the FIREPLACE

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