Mom why’s there gotta be so much WATER

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[ A view across the lake; wind-ruffled blue water stretches out to low hills, with the curved dam just visible to the right. Loiosh, an orange tabby, stands next to the water. ]

Lake Day again. I’m really enjoying the changeup & even Major Tom is kiiinda getting used to all that wet.

… kinda.

[ Looking up a slope covered in small rocks, with the van sitting at the top; both Loiosh & Major Tom, a big grey tabby, are standing partway down giving me dubious looks. ]

… you mean you want us to go down THERE?

Tom did get within a couple feet of the water! He was pretty grim about it though. Also the hill makes the horizon look like we’re on Mars. I have not yet taken the boys to Mars.

[ The view is up a shallow slope with nothing but sky behind it, making the horizon very foreshortened. Tom is walking down the hill toward me, looking very determined & yes, grim. The sky is blue & the rocks are reddish & I swear it’s not Mars. ]

I took this picture because Loiosh was walking over but … I really like the shadows of me & Tom, snuggling & watching him. I don’t get a lot of pics of me with my cats, cos usually it’s just us.

[ Loiosh is walking along the shore towards me, but he’s small in the distance; the foreground features shadows, one of which is me; the other features Tom’s ears. ]

An excellent Dramatical Pose!

[ Loiosh is standing on a partially-burnt treestump, the lake behind him; he’s gazing keenly off to the right. ]

It was pretty wooshy windy & the boys were glad to get back to the van. Tom’s loving all the smells though!

[ Tom’s flopped in the shade of the van. His head is lifted to catch the breeze, his eyes are closed, & his whiskers are perked forward. ]

Lastly, I tried to show that Loiosh was standing on my foot, but instead, I took a Very Good picture of his butthole. Go me!

[ Yep, that’s his butt. The wind even blew all of his fur out of the way, conveniently. Thanks, wind. ]

I am talented, or at least lucky. >.>

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