it’s Dramatical Posing all the way down

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[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a black harness, is sitting on a big red rock under evergreen trees, looking up & to the right. ]

Or up, as the case may be.

Except for this one, it’s a terrible shot, but it made me laugh, so here it is.

[ Tom’s at the bottom of the shot, sniffing at a tree; Loiosh, an orange tabby, is caught blurry & mid-leap, jumping up into the tree over Tom’s head. ]

Major Tom, posing in a Dramatical manner!

[ Tom’s mostly facing the camera, so the purple chest piece of his harness is visible — it really goes well with his fur — but he’s looking over his shoulder to the left. ]

Loiosh, doing the same!

[ Loiosh is standing at the edge of the same big red rock they’ve been on in all these shots, looking towards the camera & down a bit. ]

Major Tom, looking more like a football player than usual!

[ Tom’s sitting on a steep slope of rocks, facing into the camera & the sun; a branch over his head leaves a streak of shadow across his face, right under his eyes. ]

Loiosh, just before I picked him up to do the Pride Rock thing! Also note that valley in the background, with the windy stream running through it — look familiar?

[ Loiosh is standing at the edge of a rock — but this is at the top of what looks like a pretty long dropoff. He’s looking over the edge with an interested expression. Behind & below him are dense woods; a long clearing runs through them ]

Major Tom, just before he grumbled at me & started back down the big hill.

[ He’s standing on rocks, staring over my right shoulder; behind him, but much closer than in the last picture, are dense evergreen woods. ]

It was a Dramatical kind of day.

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