small beauties: that VIEW

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[ In the foreground, a couple of pine trees & about twenty feet of rock-covered ground. Beyond that, the view opens up, looking down onto dense forest with blue sky above. ]

It was SUCH a gorgeous spot. I wish the road to get there weren’t so rough — Tom had Opinions about it, & tbh so did I. Worth it, though.

I worked on the day’s Faery Home Decor piece for a while but the boys were being wigglebutts & frankly so was I, so we went for a short walk.

It took me a while to figure out what these were, but then I realized 1) we were under a piñon & 2) they were sticky. Pine nuts! Or at least the leftover shells.

[ A nook in a lichen-covered rock holds small shreds of brown plant material. ]

That SKY. Also a really big old juniper.

[ Looking upslope at a big juniper tree, with blue sky peeking through her branches. ]

Her trunk hadda be three feet across.

[ As described! She’s firmly situated on a steep slope. ]

I love how her bark weathers into squares & rectangles.

[ Deep creases & splits in her bark form squares perhaps an inch across. ]

On the smaller branches, it’s just sheddy.

[ The bark here is thin, & peels off into small shreds. ]

Plus I found another tiny perfect hole!

[ A hole, maybe a quarter inch across, leads straight down into the pine needles & dirt. ]

They look like trap spider holes but without the lid? I don’t know!

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