walkies: grandmother juniper

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[ Loiosh, an orange tabby, & Major Tom, a grey tabby, under a pinyon tree; they’re next to each other, facing away from the camera & off to the left, but Tom is sitting, & Loiosh is standing, tail waving. ]

They’re mirroring each other & it makes me happy. <3

… what?

[ Loiosh has turned to look at me over his shoulder. ]

We took a couple of long walks on Woods Day last week, & on the first one we found a HUGE old juniper tree. Check out the bark! Loiosh certainly did.

[ It’s the kind of juniper whose bark splits into squared-off shapes when it gets really old. Loiosh is perched in a fork in the trunk, facing away but looking back over his shoulder. ]

Tom is, very clearly, a Down Cat, just as much as Loiosh is an Up Cat. Also: his happy face. <3

[ Tom is flopped next to a nice rock, mostly in the shade though there are a few spots of sunshine on his fur. His eyes are closed & his ears are relaxed. ]


[ Loiosh peeks around from behind the trunk of the juniper tree. His eyes are green & his nose has freckles. ]

After which they were Wiped Out & had Dramatical Flopping.

[ Both boys are laying in the van. Loiosh is meatloafed, Tom is flopped on his side. ]

Same, though I flopped in a chair & made pretty stuff. Alas, naps.

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