no trespassing signs don’t apply to cats

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[ A no trespassing sign is posted n a tree trunk that leans towards a dirt road. A thick cable is locked to the tree as well, & stretches across the road, though it’s laying on the ground & doesn’t really block anything. ]

I found this sign right next to where I’d set up for Woods Day last week. It was in the middle of the national forest, but whatEVer, I GUESS.

I waited with bated breath to see if NO TRESPASSING applied to cats …

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands facing away from the camera. He’s looking at the cable where it stretches across the road. ]

… yeah, nah.

[ Loiosh is straddling the cable like it’s just another fallen branch; he’s more interested in sniffing a big hunk of wood. ]

Tom, either, though he took his time at it.

[ Major Tom, a big grey tabby wearing a black harness, steps determinedly across the cable, right in the middle of the dirt road. ]

There was extensive Dramatical Posing on top of those big trunk pieces.

[ Loiosh is standing on a BIG hunk of tree trunk, probably two feet wide & three feet tall; he’s looking left, over his shoulder. ]

[ Tom’s sitting, mostly facing the camera but looking off to the right. The purple chestplate of his harness is visible. ]

Also Loiosh got to show off his continuing lack of manners!

[ Tom’s sitting on the truck platform, facing away from Loiosh, who’s got his front paws on that one & his hindpaws on another & is looking interestedly at the back of Tom’s head. ]

[ Tom stood up, which means that Loiosh could stick his nose into Tom’s butt, which is precisely what he did. ]

[ Tom has spun around to face Loiosh, with his ears at VERY alert angles & his tail lashing. Loiosh is backing off, holding his head at that ‘oh please don’t hit me’ angle. ]

… look, he stopped BEFORE Tom hadda punch him, this is an IMPROVEMENT.

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