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I mean LOOK at it, a nice little piñon grove, a seasonal creek behind low-growing cottonwoods & tall grass (alas, dry at the moment), & behind that, an entire-ass CLIFF to climb.

The single solitary downside is I’ve got to leave the van maybe a hundred yards away, but the boys stuck with me instead of napping in the van, or under it. I’m happier when they’re closer.

I had hoped for Dramatical Posing here, but it was not to be.

[ Loiosh, an orange tabby wearing a green harness, stands next to a rock that would be perfect for Dramatical Posing if he would, you know, stand on it. ]

Instead he ran around a bunch & eventually went up a tree. I have been advised to play him disco the next time this happens.

[ He’s about eight feet up a piñon, clinging on with all his claws & looking down. ]

Little Tom, big world.

[ Major Tom is a big grey tabby but fifty feet away, standing under another tall piñon, even he looks pretty tiny. ]

Eventually we did climb that cliff! Okay, it was more of a rocky slope with occasional cliff-esque bits. Still a workout!

The boys both napped a bunch when we got down; they were worn out. Loiosh found a nice patch of grass …

[ Loiosh is sitting in the tall green grass next to the dry creekbed, staring intently down at something in the grass, but I never did find out what. ]

… & so did Tom, but he decided he preferred the dry stuff.

[ Tom’s sitting in dry grass, looking off to the right. The purple chest piece of his harness is visible & really goes well with his fur. ]

& then we went home & slept a LOT.

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