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[ A narrow but bendy length of driftwood, copper wire in various sizes, & a couple ziploc bags of beads. ]

I had NO idea what I was doing with this one until I found the cool dangly rounds in with a bunch of beads I’d forgotten I had, & then the name happened & everything suddenly made sense.

If you’re gonna hang things from a thing, you need loops to hang the things from.

[ The driftwood is hanging from a loop & hook attached just about in the middle; three more loops hang down from it. ]

All framed out.

[ Three lengths of thick copper wire have been shaped into shallow u shapes & attached to the loops. There’s also a copper spiral hanging from the stick. ]

Somewhere in here I climbed half a mountain, so I didn’t have NEAR as much time to work on this as I usually do. I wanted to get enough done that I’d remember what I was doing the next day, & I did manage that.

[ one of the u shapes has thin copper wire wound around & around it; five thin white discs that might be mother-of-pearl but are probably plastic hang from the thinner wire, at intervals along the thick wire. ]

Since nearly everything on this piece moves, it wound up being easier to work on after I hung it on a tree. Nice thing about working outside is my work area is pretty easy to adjust.

[ The entire piece is hanging from the hook at the top; which is sort of tucked into a crack in the bark of a tree. ]

I also had a convenient cat food dish to hold my beads!

[ One shallow metal cat food dish, filled with tiny gold-coloured glass beads, a bunch of the white discs, & a lot of ornate gold-coloured plastic beads. ]

This is as far as I got, but it was far enough that I knew exactly where to pick back up the next day.

[ Some of the plastic beads have been made into dangly bits & are hanging from the stick, above the copper u with the white discs. Three, in fact, the center one longer than the other two. ]

I lost a copper jump ring & a bunch of tiny beads, but I found these pressed glass pieces, so I consider that a more-than-even trade.

[ Four small broken pieces of clear glass; they originally had angular, pyramidal bumps molded into them. ]

I worked on it a bunch last night & finished it up this morning, & here’s the finished piece! Since my mom will holler at me if I don’t give the size, it’s 15 inches wide.

[ All three of the u-shaped copper pieces have white discs hanging from them, & three more of the dangles from the gold-coloured beads have been added. ]

Hi Mom!

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