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Loiosh does like to stand on things & strike a pose. But I gotta be quick with the camera.

As witness.

Caught him in the middle of stepping down, both forepaws on the ground.

He was in a wiggly mood when we got there & it took him a while to settle down.

He's standing on ground covered in pine needles, facing away from me; beyond him, a pile of rocks & old tree trunks. His fur is bright in the sunlight.

… I’m pretty sure there was a bug.

He's standing with his head down, peering under a rock.

Eventually he did find a spot, & he stayed there the ENTIRE time I was working on Suspend. I kept looking over — he was maybe fifty feet away, so I wouldn’t necessarily have heard him if he’d moved — but nope, there he was.

After a while I got curious, went over & get a picture. He’d picked a really nice spot.

A photo taken through low-growing oak trees. Loiosh is laying at his ease, in a nook within a tangled pile of fallen branches. He's giving me a cranky look; I think I woke him up.

Seriously, look at all the nice soft pine needles & leaves he found to sleep on.

Looking down on the same spot -- he's got a pretty good nest of soft stuff going on there.

Eventually it was time for walkies! Loiosh came along with only slight reluctance, & posed very nicely when I found a log to sit on for a moment.

A nice close portrait shot. Loiosh is sitting with his body facing left, but his head turned so he's looking just to the right of the camera. His fur really is a brilliant orange when the light hits him right.

Tom stood next to the van & HOWLED for twenty minutes, but then reluctantly caught up. Fortunately for all of us I was walking in a big circle, so he didn’t have to go far.

As you can see, Tom is NOT a fan of standing on a high spot & posting in a dramatic manner. There was a big rock RIGHT THERE, Tom, come ON.

Major Tom, a big grey tabby, caught in the middle of climbing over a low pile of rocks, while completely ignoring the larger rock to the right.

I’d headed uphill, hoping to hit the road we’d driven down. Tom caught up once I found it, & I hadda stop for a bit. Seems he had an itchy spot.

Looking down on Tom. I'm reaching down to scratch under his harness, on the side of his shoulder; he's shoving his head into my hand, & leaning in pretty hard, too.

Turns out he had some healing scabs UNDER his harness, that’s GOTTA itch. (Loiosh has a tiny bald spot on his head, so apparently they’ve been having some Discussions lately.)

Anyway we followed the road back to the van & then headed off up the little valley I’d parked in, which is where we found the abandoned house. Loiosh climbed things!

Loiosh, caught in the middle of climbing to a higher part of the wall around the abandoned cabin, looking just like he's going up a staircase.

& then he stood on top of them! In a dramatic manner!

And now he stands on the tallest log!

… well, kinda dramatic.

Meanwhile, back on the ground, Tom contemplated going in the front door but eventually decided against it.

Fallen logs block the original doorway, though there's a gap plenty big enough for Tom to slip through. He's content to just sniff at it, though.

Neither of them set a foot inside … maybe it was creepier than I thought?

Who knows? But I decided not to go in either.

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