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… okay, this one’s sort of large, but also it’s really cool.

I mean. LOOK at how the base was … eroded? I don’t think it burned that way, but who knows?

The stumps of the tree is worn into weird, intricate scoop shapes.

This bit definitely burned that way though!

The only part of the stump that still appears burnt is the upper bits -- & even there most of the black burned stuff has weathered away.

I wound up using the base as a backdrop when I took pictures of all the pendula, later in the afternoon when the sun came around right. It just looked to cool not to.

A pendulum, deep purple beads connected with copper, is draped over part of the stump; the scoop shape cradles the pendulum in a really photogenic way.

I took a couple walks, of course. Found a juniper that’s gonna have a NICE crop of berries come fall.

Closeup of a juniper tree. The needles are short & scaly, & the berries are still a very light, dusty blue.

A portal to Somewhere Else! Fortunately far too small for even Loiosh to fit through.

… look, things are Not Okay, if I find a portal that looks like it goes somewhere better? Hell YEAH I’m checking that thing out.

A treestump, heavily weathered so there's a hole all the way through. It's not big enough for a cat, but I could probably fit my hand through. I decided not to try.

A large bush, or small tree, that I didn’t recognize. Anyone?

It's got three-lobed leaves with serrated edges. They're shaped kind of like a maple leaf, but the serrations are much smaller. Each leaf is maybe half an inch across.

I thought at first that someone had painted this stump, but I think it’s lichen of some sort?

The lichen is a pale yellow, & really does look like someone slapped it on with a paintbrush. It's got more of a powdery texture, though.

It was a seriously beautiful day — so far all of my Woods Days have been. Getting out into the forest is, nearly inevitably, REALLY good for my brainparts.

A slightly fish-eyed view of a meadow surrounded by tall ponderosa pines, with blue sky above.

It’s a lot easier to be in a semi-not-terrible mood when this is what my back yard looks like — even just for the day.

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