also there were the woods

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& most of the day they looked like that.

There was a lovely little clearing, perfect to tuck my sitting spot into.

A small clearing, floored in pine needles & surrounded by low pinyon pines. A small wooden shelf & comfy folding chair sit in the middle.

I brought plenty to do!

A sturdy white canvas toolbag filled with wire-wrapping tools & a cotton tote bag with a variety of small things in it sit on the forest floor next to the chair.

But of course I also spent a bunch of time just hanging out & relaxing, ESPECIALLY after rescuing Loiosh from the tree, oh my GODS

I got a bunch of sewing done,  & made a suncatcher from the last piece of faceted glass I have.

A small faceted glass pendant & a bit of jewelry wire strung with black & silver-coloured beads sit on a wood surface.

It came out really nicely, I think!

The crystal's now the end of a dangling suncatcher which also has short lengths of silver-coloured chain & alternating black & silver-coloured beads.

I’d brought a bunch of the new pendulums so I could get good pictures of them, & came up with an impromptu photo station up a tree. There was a nice flattish bit just above the convenient branchlet, with a couple of patches of lichens to give some good contrast. & when I was done each one, I just hung it on the branchlet with the basket!

A basket hangs from a short stubby branch protruding from a treetrunk. A few beads ^& such are visible inside, & a couple of pendants dangle from the end of the broken branch.

I was smart & brought lunch for all of us this time — treats for the boys, & bologna & cheese for me. I finally got round to using the cool reusable beeswax-coated lunch wrap thinger my Aunt Ann got me last giftmas.

A sandwich-sized parcel, wrapped in yellow, stiff-looking fabric & fastened with string, sits on my lap.

It worked really well! The bread was still soft, which is REALLY impressive after a couple hours; usually in this climate it starts getting kinda dried out in like five minutes. Also it makes a nice plate-esque object.

The parcel has been opened, & reveals: a sandwich!

It clouded over a couple times & there was near-constant thunder to the north & south, but this is the closest it got to me.

A view through the trees: despite slanting sunbeams, the sky is VERY dark.

Apart from the CAT BASED EXCITEMENT of my last post, it was a really nice, low-key-relaxing day.

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