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Before he climbed THAT tree, Loiosh climbed another tree.

It wasn’t near so exciting, though. There are two ways Loiosh gets pretty high in a tree: the first is when he gets a REALLY good head of steam going, which is what happened last week. The other way is by going up a tree that’s on a slant. Those? He can just walk back down.

He's standing on an almost-horizontal branch, looking down.

Which he did, eventually. Took his sweet time, though.

He's perched up pretty high, looking off into the distance.

Tom, apparently, does not climb trees. Which is weird, he loves climbing the cat tree at home, but whatevs.

Major Tom is flopped on his side, in the shade, in a depression in the ground. He looks pretty pleased with this.

They do love just poking around & sniffing things. I’m glad I can leave them both unhitched, at least when we’re out in the sticks; they get to do a lot more wandering around.

Tom's wandering through an open meadow, towards me. He's also slightly blurry, because cats.

I don’t know what got Loiosh’s attention here, but it musta been cool.

He's standing, body pointed towards the camera but looking off to the left, on ground covered in pine needles.
He's taken a couple steps towards whatever he was looking at, lowering his head to sniff at it.

Eventually snacktime rolled around, with predictable results.

Loiosh is sitting on the wood shelf next to my chair. In front of him is a container of treats, which he's pointedly pawing at.

But wait, what’s this?

He's in the same spot, but he's picked up his other front paw & is giving it a funny look.

A souvenir from his tree adventures!

I'm holding Loiosh's forepaw in my hand, turning it so I could get a picture of the bottom -- he's got a BUNCH of pine resin stuck between his toes, along with several pine needles.

It’s been like, two weeks, & he’s still chewing pine resin from his toes.

Anyway I gave them both a bunch of treats & then it was naptime.

Loiosh is laying on the wood shelf, draped over my sewing project & the box with my sewing stuff, entirely asleep.

Good thing I was done sewing!

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