inventing a window, part I of lots

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On the left side, the window from inside, with housewrap covering it. To the right, the window from outside, with a pair of shutters bolted down over it.

I didn’t have ANYTHING like time to do stuff with the windows before Estrella, so I left the the housewrap over them & stuck shutters on the outside & left it at that. But now that the front wall is done, it’s window time! & I have no idea what I’m doing

… okay, not entirely true. I’ve been thinking about this for the past year, pretty much. I have some ideas. But I knew I needed a window frame.

Step the first, trim the housewrap.

The window from inside, with the housewrap cut so there's about an inch left all around the inside of the window.

Including the corners …

A corner of the window; the housewrap is cut diagonally out from the corner, so it can fold flat along the inside edge of the window.

… so I can do this with it.

The housewrap has, indeed, been folded down so it runs along the inside edge of the window. I love my staple hammer.

& then have at with the tyvek tape.

Yep, there's tyvek tape all along the inside edge of the window now.

This is all being done for the purpose of keeping the water on the outside, at least as much as possible.

Once all that was done I started cutting & sanding boards for the frame itself. I don’t have much in the way of unused pallet wood right now, so I kinda hadda fake it.

The window now has a windowframe -- pieces of pallet wood cut to three inches wide & screwed down to line the window hole. The right side needed two pieces of pallet wood; I didn't have a single piece left that was long enough.

But, you know, it works.

Bit of a gap on the outside there, though. Look, I just don’t do precision cuts. Or precision anything, really.

Saying there's a bit of a gap is putting it kindly; looking from the outside, there's about a half an inch gap between the windowframe & the outside wall.

That’s why the gods made caulk.

That gap is now filled with gooey white stuff. Yes, I still think that joke is hilarious.

Next up, trim & window screen!

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