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First off this is how Loiosh spent his birthday. I gave thought to doing the same but I’m glad I didn’t, cos I finally got outside to work on Tyrava again for the first time since Estrella.

I am very glad that my sawzall still works even though I left it out in the rain in January. While it was still plugged in. I AM LUCKY, I KNOW.

The sawzall in question is sitting on an overturned washtub, along with a bottle of water & a pair of safety goggles. I forgot to actually use the goggles, mind you. In the background a partially-disassembled pallet leans against a wall.

I am HELLA out of practice & also my shoulder has been iffy lately so I only took apart half a pallet, but it was enough.

I’m also out of practice with remembering to take enough pictures! I took this one partway through, but I had to take boards off all the way up to the window to put in the denim insulation.

The wall is covered in boards except for the bottom foot or so. Some white styrofoam insulation is visible below that, & also some vaguely jeans-coloured denim insulation.

I am REALLY happy with the denim. I wanted the styrofoam for the floor because it’s waterproof, & it made sense to use the rest up on the front wall, but the denim insulates just about as well & is made from old jeans. I’ll use recycled stuff over new-made stuff any day, & the part where I don’t shed small bits of styrofoam all over the back yard every time I cut is nice too.

After probably working longer than was really a good idea (I’m REALLY out of practice & out of shape) I got the front wall done!

Yep, that entire wall is covered in boards all right!

Well it’s. Not DONE done.

It's done up to the arched part of the wall, & then it's not actually done at all. Look! Plywood!

But I’m leaving the arches for LATER.

I had fun piecing wood together. I used different widths, lengths, thicknesses. It’s anything but smooth, but it looks cool.

A closer view of the lower part of the wall. All of the boards run horizontally & other than that it's kind of a free-for-all. It looks cool, though.

The very last piece. I AM A REBEL.

The very last bottom piece, next to the door, is about four inches high, five inches wide, & runs vertically, because it was slightly faster to do that way & I am TIRED.

I’d love to find a way to fill in some of the tiny gaps with, like, resin? With sparkly nail polish mixed in it? or something? Like they do with cutting boards & tables & stuff. This kind of thing. But the only way I can think of to do that involves either turning Tyrava so she’s face-down or sticking her in a kiln, so. I’ll think of something.

But it was a good day’s work, & I’m glad to be back at it.

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