Estrella, the way home: Timber Camp II

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Heck YEAH I stopped there for the night, it was too sweet a spot not to.

I’m pretty sure that picture of Tyrava is an oops, but it’s nicely dramatic, so what the heck.

I got there not long before dark, so once I wedged the van & Tyrava into a spot all we did was wander around for a bit until it was dark, & then go to bed. I wasn’t nearly as exhausted as I’m used to being at the end of a long war — Tyrava made things SO much easier — but we were at a much higher altitude & thus, it was COLD.

I’d thought about staying there all day & another night before heading home, but it was really windy & not nearly as pleasant as it might’ve been. But I did take a walk around the camping loop, with Tom trailing behind, & I ducked down to the creek again too. The boys were VERY glad to be off-leash & spent a bunch of time running around the woods before they found sunny spots.

I’m pretty sure Loiosh was actually asleep.

Loiosh is sitting in the sun at the base of a tree, tail neatly curled, head turned to the side, eyes firmly closed.

Tom had a roll & then a THOROUGH wash.

Major Tom is laying on pine-needle-covered ground in the sun, washing his left forepaw.

We should all wash so well as a cat! (We really should, though.)

Another picture of Tom. He's still washing. WASH YA HANDS.

I noted down a couple more places I’d like to stop & explore sometime — but having left, I just wanted to get home. Although I did stop for a nice lunch in Show Low, because, well, why not?

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