it’s birthday season!


Today, April 25th, is Loiosh’s birthday, as near as I can reckon. He’s twelve. I can’t believe it’s been twelve years.

He was such a wee tiny butthead!

& now he’s a full-size butthead who won’t let me get any sewing done.

Full-size butthead Loiosh. The picture is mostly just his face but yes, he was laying on my chest at the time. Hard to sew around a cat. He still looks half-asleep.

On May 1st, it’ll be The Vagabond Tabby’s twelfth birthday! I’ve been doing this for twelve years. That’s … that’s a LONG time, folks.

& I have y’all to thank. If nobody bought my stuff, I couldn’t do this. & without the freedom from a 9-5 ‘real job’, without being able to travel all over to go to shows, Loiosh would be a regular housecat.

… what a terrifying thought. We wouldn’t have this!

Loiosh, wearing a grey & orange striped Tigger sweater, sits on a rock wall, looking back over his shoulder. Behind him is the Grand Canyon.

I’ve got a couple people I want to thank specifically for Efforts Above & Beyond. My initial inclination was to make them plaques, because I grew up in a trophy store, but fear not, nobody’s getting cheesy-ass wall art.

First up is Rae Trigg, who is receiving the Most Frequent Customer award, for ordering from me more times than anyone else every year for the last … a while now, I don’t know, counting is hard. Thank you, Rae!

A blue Ikea bag & two Trader Joe bags full of boxes ready to be shipped. They weren't all for Rae but I bet one of them was.

Technoshaman gets the Innovator of the Year Award for proposing the Wash Ya Hands soap. Y’all have bought 35 bars of the stuff since I first posted it a month ago. I’m a very small business. That’s a LOT. Thank you, Technoshaman!

A bunch of round bars of soap on a wooden shelf.

& lastly, the Top Marketing Rep Award goes to Wench for bragging about my Scratch & Dent Salve SO OFTEN on her Twitter that I sold 20 jars of it last year. Doesn’t sound like much? Usually I sell like. Five. Thank you, Wench!

Two glass jars of salve sit very photogenically on a red sandstone rock.

(If any of you actually DO want plaques, get with me, I can do this. My mom owns a trophy store.)

& for the rest of y’all? I am thanking you with a sale! Starting now through May 1, y’all get 25% off of Things! Go buy soap! Have fun! Happy birthday to Loiosh & The Vagabond Tabby!

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