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(I took this pic to send to my sister who had surgery last week — she came through JUST FINE, yay! — but I bet a lot of us could use a ghost hug right now, so here’s one for those of y’all what need it.)

On to the cat pictures!

I’ve spent a lot of time pinned under Loiosh lately. I accept my fate. (Seriously he has been SUCH a comfort.)

A closeup on Loiosh's face. His ears are sticking out at a variety of angles.

He gives hugs. It’s the BEST.

Me again! Loiosh is laying on my chest, one foreleg stretched up so it's laying alongside my neck. His ears are still doing the thing.

I don’t get a lot of sewing done, but I’ll live.

He’s been snuggling with Hades a lot more often, too. I think he likes the warms.

Loiosh & Hades are curled up together in a round cat bed in the sun. They're almost, but not quite, doing the yin yang cat thing.

They were SPOONING, it was very hard to get a picture without making squeaky sounds from the Cute.

They're on the bed this time. Hades is the big spoon.

Even when he’s not on me, he’s usually near me. Also he really likes that blanket. My Aunt Ann made it for me & it’s very popular; Tom sleeps on it a lot too.

Loiosh is curled up on a pinky-purple knitted blanket. He's kinda giving the camera stinkeye.

Tom’s also been spending a lot of time on me. I’m so happy he’s become a snugglebug. He still likes going outside, but he is VERY smug about being able to come back in. Because he is a housecat! Who lives in a house!

Major Tom is curled up on the couch, facing the camera, eyes at about half mast.

He even hopped into the stroller for a nap. He’s still not okay with being in it while it’s moving, but it makes a VERY nice bed when it’s not.

The stroller's up against a wall. The only part of Tom really visible is his head. He is, also, giving me stinkeye.

Hades & Tom are doing just fine with being home all the time, & I don’t honestly know that they’ve noticed anything is different.

Loiosh … Loiosh is bored & lonely. He’s the extrovert around here & he wants PEOPLE. I’m keeping him busy with training & chasing him around the house when he’s in a zoomy mood, but it’ll be really good when I can get him out in public again.

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