alas, fail

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So the rafters do a GREAT job of holding up the roof, except for along the edges because there’s no rafter there, but that’s where the top of the walls hold up the roof, except they don’t extend past the end walls, & what I’m babbling about here is the part where the corners of the roof kinda sag a bit.

But I had a Plan! (If you are looking closely you might see the Fail in my Plan! But I was excited.)

I'm holding a hunk of 2x4 up to the corner of the roof. An outline reminiscent of the shelf supports is traced on it in green, but the 2x4 sticks out past the end of the roof by more than an inch.

I cut out two really pretty decorative bits!

Two hunks of 2x4, both cut into the shape I had traced out, laying on an orange worktable.

I took forEVer getting the angle right at the top!

& then … well, this.

The top of one of the 2x4 hunks has been cut to a sharp angle that doesn't actually match the angle the roof is at. Also it still sticks out past the edge of the roof. I'm pretty sure I yelled 'fuck'.

Too long on this side, WAY too short on the other side. I punted, & it’s all gonna be plain, rectangular hunks of 2×4. Pretty might happen later; right now, I need functional.

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