roof: the director’s cut

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Above: the problem!

Below: the solution!

Four rectangles of thin metal, each about two inches wide & 18 long, with holes at intervals along the length.

Behold: the precipitate!

Two of the strips of metal, which have been fastened down vertically over the roof plywood, thus holding down the sticky-out edge.

Which I then covered with lots of tape!

The metal pieces, along with the edge where the plywood overpals, have all been covered in tyvek tape. Also, a red toolbag is sitting on the roof, holding down the white tarp that'll go over everything else.

& then just basically kept up with taping & stapling on housewrap until I ran out of tyvek tape, staples, & housewrap all at once, which was clearly a sign to stop.

But hey, I got a lot done!

Looking left along the side of the roof I've been working on; everything but a strip along the edge of the roof has been covered in housewrap. A corner of the tarp is draped over it all.
Looking to the right, almost the entire right side of the roof is covered in housewrap, except for a small rectangle next to the hole I've been using to step up onto the roof. Progress!

Next up? MORE ROOF

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