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Y’all, I got SO MUCH done yesterday.

The day before I left off because the next bit was gonna be tricky, & indeed it was. See above — I could’ve used one board all the way across, but as deeply as I’d’ve had to cut it, I decided to do that level in three pieces instead.

I also had plenty of shorter pieces kicking around that wouldn’t fit much of anywhere else, but were plenty big enough for that spot. Step the first was taking one of those pieces & putting it in place.

There's a foot long piece of tongue & groove board tucked over the triangular spot now.

Next, go around to the inside (I’ve started just stepping through the big open window) & trace the pieces I’ll need to cut.

The same spot as seen from inside -- the edges of the roof arch are traced onto the board in green ink.

Trimmed (yay jigsaw!) & in place.

Back around front, there's a nice triangular piece of wood fitted perfectly into the spot.

Drill pilot holes & screw it down. Poof!

As it says on the tin.

I did the same thing on the other side, with one of the last pieces of the salvaged wood, & then it was time for the big middle board. I cut one of the new boards to length & then, well, you know the drill.

A view from further out -- there's another triangle of wood on the other side of the arch, & in between is a longer board that's been stuck into place but not yet trimmed to shape.

I still had to get the very last of the housewrap trimmed & stapled down. The plywood is wibbly enough on its own that it was easiest to do that in stages, as each t&g board stabilized it a little further up.

I’m putting housewrap on the roof arch for the other end before I put it in place, thus proving that I am, in fact, capable of learning from my own mistakes.

From the inside again - the housewrap has been stapled down all along the top of the arch, & cut out where all the notches are. It's still not very neat.

… but I got this one done all the way up, & then I just had to add about half a board to the top, & poof! An entire wall, done all the way up to where the roof is gonna go!

It's the entire back wall, tongue & groove boards installed up to the very top.

Y’all, does that not look GOOD?

I only had three full-length t&g boards left of the eight I’d bought, plus some scrap pieces, so I used the rest of them on the front wall. Here’s where I left off day before yesterday:

The front wall, with the arched doorway. The left side between the door & the corner is done about 3/4 of the way up, & there are three boards across the right side so far.

& by the end of the day, when I ran out of boards, this is what I’d gotten done:

The left side is done all the way to the top; the right side is more than halfway done, outlining the space where a window will go.


I’ve got to buy more t&g boards, plus I’ve got the roof tarp ordered & that should be in at Home Despot soon. I’m hoping to have the roof on in another week or so, & then it’ll be time to pull the whole thing around to the front of the house.

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