again with the horses

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But I mean. HORSES. I didn’t think y’all would mind.

This time the bastards snuck up on me while I was working on tent poles. With a RECIPROCATING SAW. They didn’t care. I turned around when the closest was about fifteen feet away & miiight have shrieked a little. (They did NOT like that.)

Anyway my camera was inside, so I didn’t get any pics just then, & that was the closest they got to me. But later they let me walk out to the propane tank, maybe 20 feet away, before they let me know that that was close enough, which was pretty nice.

The same horses. The two chestnuts are in the center. They're mostly looking around.

I stared at them long enough to determine that they’re all guys — a bachelor herd, I believe they’re called. They spent a bit of time, well, horsing around with each other.

On the left, one of the greys & one of the tans are kind of leaning on each other. The chestnuts are in the center, where one is almost rearing. Off to the right, the other two are standing nose to tail, keeping flies off each others' faces with their tails.

They also spend a LOT of time just. Well. Snuggling? Where one horse would lean his head over his buddy’s neck & they’d just kind of lean on each other. Just. A lot of affection going on.

They let me hang around & watch them for a while, but then it was time for them to wander off again. But not before I got one more really good picture.

One of the light tan horses faces directly towards the camera from maybe fifteen feet away. He's got a dark grey muzzle & his tail, which is swished off to the side, is a darker tan than the rest of him.

I am having SO MUCH FUN having horses around.

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